Dispute Resolution Experts Ready for any Forum.

Wallace & Allen is a firm built to deliver results.

Mediation. Arbitration. Trial. Appeal.
Proven results in every forum.

Wallace & Allen is a civil law firm focused on the fair resolution of disputes. We are dedicated to delivering real, tangible results for our clients in any forum. We approach every case preparing to go to trial and retain victories or correct unjust outcomes through any appeal. Meanwhile, we continuously look for the most efficient way to obtain early resolutions that allow our clients to get back down to business or otherwise on with their lives. If reaching a resolution to a disagreement before pursuing court action is in a client’s best interest, we will always consider that option as well.

Our team has litigated complex commercial matters on behalf of clients against individual plaintiffs, large and publicly traded companies, and governmental entities. The recurrent theme is that we always respect our clients’ goals and pursue their best interests. 

Wallace & Allen is honored to have great clients and the opportunity to navigate the challenges presented by the legal environment to the best possible result for them, whatever that result may be.